Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our 4th

We stayed out entirely too late last night watching the Independence day celebration in Chillicothe. The fire works went on a long time and we didn't get home until almost 11:00 pm heading straight to bed.
Our day yesterday started early with getting lots of chores done outside before it got too hot. Bonnet's wound was cared for, the 2 mares, Zalena and Dakota teased, Zalena covered, horses fed, garden weeded and watered,  trees trimmed that were over hanging branches and repairing a downed wire on the fenceline between Valiant pasture and the mare pasture. It was so hot and humid we were hopeful that we would get some rain in the afternoon. We heard lots of thunder in the distance and could see the clouds but they all went the wrong direction and we only got a few sprinkles.
At 4:30 we left for Farmington to pick up the chicken for the dinner and could see big storms dumping rain off to the east then when we left for David and Stephanie's house drove though the evidence of a lot of rain dumped in a short period of time. Too bad it didn't water any of our fields. 
The kids all met at the pool in Chillicothe, played and swam until 6:30 pm ate a quick dinner, walked to a park 2 blocks from David's house and played until 8:00 pm. Most of us (we had a 6 decide to walk) loaded up into the 12 passenger van and left for Three Sister's Park at 8:20 pm arriving in time to get a decent parking place and staking out a good size area. The walkers joined us about 15 minutes later. David and Stephanie's house is less than 2 miles from Three Sister's Park. The children had a ball being with cousins. Sarah kept them busy lighting sparklers.

Israel just wanted to watch.
The mayor of Chillicothe started the show with a speech, the national anthem was sung and then came the show. Below Jasper was all ready for the fireworks.
 At the grand finale the sirens and lights on all of the police vehicles and fire trucks were turned on making the ending filled with big booms, the wailing of sirens, lots of pretty lights in the air and on the ground. 

This was well worth going to but of course we were kept up way past our bed time. This morning Karin and I are heading to the Goose Ranch with the truck and trailer in hopes we will be able to load a mare and bring it back here for breeding and training. 

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