Sunday, July 16, 2017

Addyson's Big Bass

We had a wedding in Peoria this afternoon and the church was full, the parking lot was full, and the lunch room during lunch was full too. There were visitors from all over and we love visitors in Peoria. The minster this morning was Howard Plattner from  Alto, Michigan and after the service he got back up to say greetings but started it out with greetings from Alto the best kept secret in the AC congregations. The other visiting minister followed his lead by giving greetings from Prescot, AZ the other best kept secret and when Tim Funk got up of course he needed to follow with Peoria too is the best kept secret. The entire church was chuckling by this time.
It was a wonderful day for the wedding couple  Chelsea Streitmatter and Craig Huber.
After church some of the kids and 7 of the grandchildren came over for dinner and fun at the playground. During the volleyball games Addyson and Braelyn went down to fish with Berlica. Soon Berlica came running back up yelling, "Addyson caught a HUGE bass!" Of course we needed to go down to see that bass and take pictures.
 The bass was about as thick as it was long and was very heavy. This fish gave her a good fight as she worked to get it into shore. 

 Below Faith is helping hold the bass up while Kensley pets it before putting it back in the lake for someone else to catch. 
Taunya was thrilled we catch and release the big ones around here, she did not want to clean or cook it. Braelyn caught a decent sized bass too.
She was sad when we had her let it go. Everyone wanted a chance to fish a bit before we headed back up to show the parents the pictures of the fish. Below are a few other pictures of the evening.

The pictures from yesterday at State Farm Park were downloaded and posted. If you would like to see them click HERE.  The pictures taken yesterday of Irelyn and Crew riding Zalena and Missy were also posted this afternoon.

These were some happy riders. 

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