Friday, July 7, 2017

Humble Pie

I got a big piece of pie this morning, humble pie. Diane called that the next month statement for Horsemeister arrived in the morning mail and she was just going to go ahead and do it until she realized too many deposits and checks had not been entered. Sure enough I drove in to the Honegger Law office, where we do all the reconciling and found out I had forgotten to put in 2 decent size deposits but had also skipped an entire page of checks written. Thankfully there were only a couple big ones written. At the end of the time spent there we were a couple thousand dollars richer than yesterday. Yes, I deserve that humble pie but thankfully it didn't taste as bad as it could have.
Karin was out giving Shaeya, Noah and Ariya a lesson on round penning with Coke. I was able to watch all of Shaeya and was pleased with how well Coke responded to her.

 Noah went next and also did pretty well. 

 Until Coke decided she had enough. When Noah asked her to go to the right she kicked out at him. 
 He soon was able to draw her in so Ariya could have a turn. 
 I only got to watch the beginning of Ariya's turn as I had an appointment in Peoria at 11:00 am. 
When I got back Anna dropped off the girls to go swimming just before Cathie Trent arrived with a few of her students to swim.

 Karin, Noah and Studly swam over to Rachel's to jump off the redneck highdive followed by Rhoda bringing Kensley. 
 The rest of the girls thought that looked like fun so off we went to Rachel's dock. 

 After swimming Karin took Noah, Shaeya and Ariya back over to start desensitizing Coke. Below is Noah and the bag. 
 Kensley and Taegan had a fun time watching. 
Before Coke was put away she was taken over to Evan for teasing and very dramatically said NO. Karin helped me tease Dakota and she also said no today. Hopefully she will be in soon. This evening Rhonda, Ruth, Karin, Mom and I played games. Karin won but we were sure it was because she was keeping score. Mike, Diane and Joan went to Middle Grove. Dan's family, Rachel's family, Anni and Hannah all went camping at  Mark Twain Lake in Missouri and are having a blast. Rachel posted the pictures below of cliff climbing and tubing with Dan's boat.

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