Thursday, July 27, 2017

Preparing for Vacation

The laundry was all finished today, new bales put in where needed and then came our big shopping trip. Rhoda arrived to help with this. We started at Sam's Club where we spent close to $700.00 then over to Aldi where another $107.00. We will be feeding 21 Sceggel's for 8 days. Below is what almost $800.00 worth of groceries looks like:

We had so much stuff stuffed into the car that Rhoda barely fit. When we got home we worked on packing. Rhoda and Sarah each took a bunch of non perishable items. The coolers were brought down and packed and some of the meat was placed in the freezer. We are leaving for Diamond Lake Michigan for the annual Sceggel vacation tomorrow morning. The weather is predicted to be beautiful both here and there. Karin is staying here taking care of the horses and the dogs and not just a few. Mom is leaving for Colorado for the Baer reunion so Karin will have mom's dog Molly. Sarah and Rhoda dropped off Rizzy,  Ari and Ruby so Karin will have those dogs, of course she will also watch our dog Emma, and her dog Studly, the Reinhards are on their big trip out east so she will also have their dog Kabur.  The Sauders are leaving for Arizona where they will be hiking the grand canyon to the beautiful blue Havasupai Falls so she will have Jessica's two Pugs, hmm how many does that make? I haven't heard yet if she will be watching David Jacob's dog Zero but I wouldn't put it past her. She may as well open a doggy day care.
Mom, Spark, Rhonda, Ruth and Diane played games tonight. I stopped in for one round but couldn't stay we just have too much to do here.

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  1. Wow! That's a whole lot of groceries! I love Aldi's!! Diamond Lake is very close to where we live! You should come see us and Sunny!! Let me know if you'd like to and I will give you the address. Would LOVE to meet you in person! Cindy and her friend Becky are coming to see us in September.