Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Big Surprise

Check out the picture below.  Any idea of who this is descending from the heavens or is it ascending to the heavens?
Dan says he took the picture above of Hannah jumping off the cliff into Mark Twain Lake. What an awesome picture. The campers all had a wonderful time and all are now home safely. We got home from church and were surprised big time by the Dallas Sceggels coming to our door.
Taunya drove all the way up with Addyson, Jack, Jace and 3 month old Abe to surprise Mark for his birthday dinner.  What an amazing Sunday. Craig Stickling had the morning service and Greg Rumbold had the afternoon and then came the big surprise of our long lost grandchildren arriving from Texas. After the birthday dinner we all headed to the playground for volleyball. Below is Lee loading up the grandkids to take them to the playground.

 Even the dogs have fun at the playground, left to right is Ruby, Ari, Studley, Emma and Rizzy. 
 Kensley likes to swing in one of the hammocks
 The others started playing a game of horse shoes. Their rules were interesting. 

 The boys won and locked the girls up in the cage. 

 Kensley loves the dogs and when Anni's dog Chewy arrived she quickly headed his way. 
 Below are Nolan and Lee resting before the big volley ball games.
 Brian and Rebekah arrived. 
 The kids migrated to the trampoline before moving to the merry-go-round. 

 Some of us went in and played games inside to escape the heat. We had a really wonderful day. So thankful Taunya made it and so happy she made it in time for Mark and Anna's birthday dinner. Below are a few pictures that were taken on Saturday. While waiting for the trail riders I had to marvel at the delicate detail of the wings on the dragonfly below.
 The bumble be wasn't nearly as delicate but isn't it amazing how those tiny wings on the bumblebee can hold up and fly that big body? 
A couple of deer came out of the woods to graze. I didn't have my zoom lens on but snapped a couple pictures anyway.
It was a doe and a buck. Below is the doe.
 The buck is below. 
They heard the horse back riders and took off bounding through the field back into the woods. 

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