Friday, April 29, 2016

Anna & Roxanne

Right after our walk I loaded up Whitney and Hadassah to head to Middle Grove with the plan to bring back Anna. Anna has an ultrasound scheduled Monday morning at 9:00 am. When I arrived the gate between the winter and summer pasture was open and the herd was in the summer pasture down by the road but took off with a thundering gallop up the hill. Unfortunately when Whitney and Hadassah were turned loose they took off for the winter pasture. Oh well they will find the herd soon enough. It was a nice morning for a hike, cool, cloudy and damp. Oksana was the first to see me coming and the first to come.
 She was followed by Prissy and Sangria. Prissy is due July 9th and Sangria is due June 12th.
 Ribbon was next, not that she wanted to greet me, she was just making sure I wasn't coming for her. Ribbon LIKES living at Middle Grove and is very suspicious we just may be taking her back to Hanna City to work. She has a few more weeks off before she needs to be back. Sometimes she tries to hide from us behind a tree. Notice how these trees just would not do the trick. It is funny to see her big head peeking around the tree to see if we noticed her.  She is due Sept 23rd.
 Jewel is due July 20th but looking huge. She always goes early so we will plan on bringing her home mid June. 
 The other mare that looks huge is Marika but she isn't due until July 7th. We will plan on bringing her home around the same time as Jewel. 
 Below left to right is Marika, Oksana and Rosaleigh. Rosaleigh will be brought home mid May for training and maybe breeding to Evan. 
 The surprise of the trip was Roxanne. She followed Anna and I all the way back to the trailer, leaving the herd to be with us. I found an extra halter in the truck and just brought her home too. On the way back Hoerr Vet clinic was called to see if we could bring her in with Anna. I may as well have her sonagrammed to see if she is mature enough to breed. She turned 3 years old March 30th. 
These two mares were put in the pasture next to Evan to see if they would show but Anna went right over and squealed at him. Roxanne was afraid to get too close. Once they were settled it was time to work with the foals. Lily was brought out first, teased then taken into the stall to halter Joanna. I was so pleased with Joanna. She remembered her haltering lesson yesterday, stood quietly and let me put the halter on with no problem at all. She was tied and didn't even once pull back. What a smart filly. The lesson today took all of 5 minutes. Each hoof was picked up then the halter taken off and put on a few times, then both were put back. Zalena and her filly were next. I haven't worked with this filly much and today was the first time ever with tying but even she was pretty good, pulling back a few times but each time giving up quickly. She wasn't as good with the halter. Star's filly was last, this filly surprised me with how good she was. She remembered everything from the last time I worked with her and her lesson was also done quickly. Each mare was teased when they were taken out but none of them showed they were all so worried about their foals. When I was putting Star and her filly back in the paddock I noticed Lily may be showing so she was taken back out and this time I left her filly in with the others. Lily wasn't concerned about being away and this time showed well. She was covered by Valiant. Tomorrow I'll try to tease the other mares by leaving their foals in the paddock.
David and Stephanie brought Israel out this evening for a couple hours. He got to help grandpa take the garbage over to the dumpster, help grandma bring out Indy for testing, and got lots of rides in the golf cart.

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