Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lots Accomplished

Mark and I started the morning early, it was still cool enough for a light jacket but the day promised to be beautiful and lived up to that promise. The first job was to try out the weed blaster on the arena.
 This shoots out a flame that burns up the weeds, no poison just flame. It worked great on the arena but not sure how it would do in the field.
 The next job, now that the skid steer is fixed, was to spread gravel on the short cut driveway. The bucket Mark is using is the tractor bucket but it holds more than the skid steer bucket. Diane wouldn't like this, I'm told it doesn't match very well.
 I took the golf cart over to feed Sheena and Soul, Mike and Diane stayed in the cottage at Middle Grove last night. Both mares were glad to see breakfast. While there both udders were checked but no sign of them filling yet.

 Mark went to work with the chain saw on the tree that fell into Evan's paddock during that windstorm.
 We were piling the smaller burnable branches in a big pile when I realized this baby bunny was under it.
 Mark had taken his hat off while he was using the helmet, Evan had to come over and check out the hat.
 I stuck it on his head and he didn't move until it was removed. Rhoda has him trained well.
 The next job was to scoop all of Evan's piles of manure from the winter up and put that into the older pile  mixing it well. This will be excellent garden dirt soon but don't ask for it, mom gets first choice then Phil and Anna are taking the rest.
 This tree was so big that Mark took 2 bucket loads of cut logs over to Joan's and we still had wood to move.
 I came in for lunch to find both dogs staring intently at the wood burner. A bird was in the pipe so even though I opened the door for them they couldn't get the bird to fly out. It will probably fall down the pipe during the night. Tomorrow we will let the dogs chase it outside. They love this job.
 After lunch Mark went to work on the stump of the tree. He used the claw attachment to slice through the roots then was able to grab the stump and haul it out. That skid steer is such a handy machine.
 I moved the old bale off the field feeder and put a new one in then moved Eliza and Indy in the field to make room for the outside mare Emily was bringing today.
Emily made it back around 6:00 pm. The mare is a Thoroughbred and looks nice, her name is Honey. Sure hope she comes in soon and settles right away.
Rhoda sent a few pictures of Rosalie's training today. Lee must have gone with her today to take a few.

Rosalie is really coming along in her training. Rhoda will be wanting to take her to Sandridge or Jubilee soon.
Amy sent an update on Zephyr, she writes:
He is settling in really well, my horse Ivan loves him, he even let him stand next to him when they ate, they have been exploring the pasture today, he is doing so well letting us get close and leading him around. 

We took the golf cart over to mom's this evening to find Joan and Tim over there mowing. There were lots of kids over playing so we loaded up the golf cart with Berlica, Josiah, Daffna, Asher and Mackenson and did a grand tour around the area looking at the wild horses, the foals, the buffalo (which the kids were quick to tell me it was a cow) and the alligator swamp.Mark and I ended up at Rachel and David's for a visit then home.
Karin is picking mom up at the airport at 10:15 pm but at 9:15 pm she let Molly out to go to the bathroom and just then someone in the area started shooting or it could have been fireworks. My dogs were trying to climb under the desk where I was working but Molly just panicked and took off running. Karin called and called then got on the phone and called me to help her look. We searched my area first as the last time Molly did this she ended up at my house but no luck tonight. We searched Diane's then back to mom's hoping she would have come home but still no luck. About then we decided we'd better go search the road. Thankfully there were no dead dogs on the road. Our last resort was to head over to Joan's all the time calling and pleading for Molly to come. We HAD to find her before Karin left to pick up mom. As we were heading home from searching Spark's barn,  Molly came out of the woods shaking. Oh we were SO very thankful. She was taken home and given a treat, then Ebby taken over to be with her while Karin leaves for the airport.  What a day.

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