Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stood UP

I awoke in the middle of the night with sneezing, coughing and unable to breath. Rats I picked up a cold. Since I didn't want to expose anyone at church and Kensley is on quarantine with her rash I stayed home from church with her. I was able to listen on line and heard 2 good sermons, Rick Kaisner had the morning service and Tim Roecker had the afternoon.
When Phil and Anna got home from church I went home, pulled Winston out and gave him a bath. The people that were coming were suppose to arrive just after 2:00 pm but sent a text through that they had a family emergency, wouldn't be able to come but still wanted the colt so would call when they could make it. Winston was put back in his paddock. He will probably need another bath when they ever do make it out. While outside Whitney was teased and when she showed covered by Valiant, then Hadassah teased. She was also still in and covered by Evan. I was hoping they would be out by now. Maybe tomorrow. Honey may be coming in. I'll tease her tomorrow.
We had a good group for dinner, everyone but Ben & Taunya's family and of course Anna and Kensley. The grandkids always have a good time here and today was no exception. Phil took them fishing. Braelyn pulled up the first fish.

 After admiring the beautiful colors she put the fish back in the lake to grow up more.
 Taegan was pulling in the second fish but just as she got it to shore it got away. 
 Braelyn was quick to sympathize with her.
 It wasn't long before Taegan caught another and this time got it all the way up. 
 After throwing that one back it was Israel's turn to pull up a fish. 
 He caught a nice size fish but didn't want to touch it. 
 Everyone else wanted to touch it though. All the fish were put back in the lake to grow up. 
By this time the volley ball players were arriving so the fishing equipment was put away.

 The dogs have a great time too with so many people around.

Logan and Matt moved the tramp closer to the tree and would bounce up into the tree then flip out of the tree on to the tramp.

I'm kind of glad our boys are raised. It was actually kind of scary to watch.  Rhonda, Ruth, Diane and I decided it was such a nice evening we would walk and did the entire loop while the games were going on. Gertie and Dennis came over a bit later and we all had a nice visit until the sun left us and the temperatures started to fall. Another great day.

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