Friday, April 1, 2016

Rhoda Canters Rosalie

Rhoda arrived this morning to give Rosalie her 3rd lesson under saddle and today she cantered her.
We were both pleased with how well she responded. 
To see the short video click HERE. This will take you to the Horsemeister Facebook page where the video is posted. 

Once she was put back Valiant was taken out to have some fun in the outdoor arena. Did he ever have a ball, galloping around. Below are a few pictures of the afternoon.

 When he finished Rhoda asked him to lay down and roll. He was just waiting for that command.

 He got both sides full of sand. 
Next she called her dog Rubie over to meet this gentle giant. He is such a kind stallion. 

Many pictures were taken and posted on the Horsemeister Facebook page. If you would like to see them click HERE.
Rhoda had to take off for home after that. Too bad she lives so far away, the horses all respond to her very well.
Mark and I drove in this evening to Meister Brothers to pay the first of the month bills and meet David and Stephanie then take Israel home for the evening. Israel 'helped' grandma for a couple hours. When we got home Emily was riding Valiant in the indoor.
 Above he is watching Emily and Valiant while sitting on the vaulting barrel, below is Emily trotting Valiant

 Above and is riding Valiant with Emily and below he gets to ride him all by himself!

 Next on the job list was to take the skid steer for a spin but grandpa took the key out. He must have known little boys like machines. No problem Israel went right over to the tractor. 
 From there it was time to climb on the bales. 
 Then put the tramp down to jump on that. 
 We moved Lily and Star along with their fillies into the indoor arena for the night to open the stalls up for the 2 mares needing to come in. Below Israel is helping Emily and I put fresh hay in the stalls. 

Once the stalls were cleaned and ready Lola and Ayanna were brought in. Ayanna had a little bit of waxing so is progressing, Lola didn't have any yet. We  have had too much rain, cold and mud to take a chance on either mare delivering outside. David and Stephanie arrived to pick up Israel right after we got back in the house.
It's hard to believe tomorrow is the start of another weekend. The days just seem to be flying by.

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