Wednesday, April 27, 2016


We were praying some of the heavy showers would come our way but it just wasn't meant to be. We again got just a few sprinkles off and on. Our fields and pastures are so dry. There were showers to the East, West, South and North just not here. Hopefully Middle Grove got rain.
Just 3 of us worked at Berean today. To read about our work there click HERE.
As soon as I got home, the horses were checked, the dogs let out, then put back in and off I went to Big R in Pekin to pick up 13 bags of grain. I would have picked up more, it was on sale for $6.49 a bag but only had the Prius and still needed to stop at Aldi's for groceries.
Tonight we had meat loaves for supper. I made a bunch of chedder "meat' loaves for the Berean lunch tomorrow and served some to Mark tonight. He LIKED it. I still have this cold so didn't go to church tonight. Instead I took the lap top over to mom's house and we listened on line together. Almost like being there. Dave Obgerfel had the message.
Molly is at 63 days in her pregnancy. Mom was sure she was in labor last night, Molly was just so restless but morning came and all the restlessness left. She was very content to just lay in mom's lap this evening. Check out that belly!

Mom thinks she will deliver soon stating, "she can't get much bigger."
Indy was tested again tonight and I was surprised to see she did not progress at all. she tested same as last night 175. She was brought inside anyway. It is cold and damp outside. I won't worry about getting up during the night to check on her. She really isn't due for 13 days yet.  I still have a couple pies to make before bedtime and it's getting late. Good night.

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