Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Visiting Royalty?

I was only able to get one round of walk in before needing to leave for TEMCO to pick up the Berean mail. Today we had a record amount.
We were not able to finish today. To read about our very busy day at the Berean office click HERE.
Last night the registration papers for all 5 foals were filled out so today after work these were dropped off at the post office and mailed out. Hopefully we will find out soon if Lola's filly April is by Killian or Valiant. After the dogs were let out I hiked up to the barn to play with the foals, handling just 2 before I ran out of time. Lola's filly and Zalena's filly are now turned out in the same paddock. Their mom's are not happy but the fillies sure are. They have been having a ball running around making each mare nervous that they might just get too close to that other mare in the paddock. Zalena makes the most evil looking face when she thinks any other horse is getting too close to HER baby. Thankfully both mares don't act that way with humans. I was going to get new pictures of them but just got too tired to think of hauling the camera around today. Anna was covered by Valiant then put back in with Zephyr. He will be leaving for his new home on Friday.
As soon as Mark got home we went out to work on the solar system, getting the first 2 sets of panels up. After supper Mark went back out and worked until dark. He will need to get someone else to help with the final 2 sets of panels. They are just too heavy for me to lift and hold that high.
Mom called from Washington DC. They had a lot of rain while driving there but as soon as they arrived the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful day to be a tourist.  The best part of the day was these three ladies were given preferential treatment everywhere they went.  Instead of having to hike up all the stairs they were allowed to use the elevators. Mom thinks this must be because of their advanced ages but we know better, turning those three classy, lovely ladies (two of them single) loose in such a worldly city is just a little nerve wracking for the rest of the families. I'm sure everywhere they went they were considered royalty and maybe even movie stars! Will we ever see them again or do you think the lure of the city will rob us of our mom and grandma?

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