Tuesday, April 26, 2016

No Puppies Yet

Poor Miss Molly, on our walk today she could hardly keep up and when we climbed the hill to Spark and Rhonda's house she lagged far behind. Her belly almost drags the ground. We think she will be going into labor soon. These are purebred Shih Tzu puppies but not papered. They will be for sale for $500.00 each once born. Molly had just 3 in her first litter a couple years ago and mom says this is Molly's last litter so if interested in a pup contact us pretty quickly.
After the walk mom and I went to work at the Berean office. That was so much fun today working and visiting with a great group of people. To read about our day there click HERE.
Joan brought over a delicious prime rib and vegetable soup for supper tonight. She made it out of the left overs from the benefit dinner.
After supper Mark and I went outside to work. We have a cool evening and it is going to be a cold night. Indy will be brought inside tonight. She is starting to progress. The colostrum tested at 175 tonight which means we have time but I need her to start getting use to being in a stall. Ayanna's colt came right up tonight for attention. I had the camera on the golf cart so pulled Ayanna and her colt out for a few pictures. Hard to believe he is already 3 weeks old. No action shots since Emily is house sitting and no one else was around to ask them to move.

He has what we call presence! Sometime I'm going to have to spend time at home video taping the foals playing together. They have the best time running, bucking and chasing each other.

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