Monday, April 25, 2016

Successful Show

Anna dropped the girls off just before 8:00 am and in our short morning we played on the playground, fished, dug for worms, picked flowers and fed horses. We would have had more time but Braelyn has to be ready to be on the bus at 11:30 am so all of that was done in just a little over 3 hours.  Anna had to work late today but Philip got off a bit early giving me time to run to Sams for groceries. Once home it was past time to make dinner. Today we had chicken Parmesan skewers with red and yellow peppers and sweet onion. Mark helped put the skewers together then grilled them. We made a lot so these will be what will be served for lunch tomorrow at Berean.
After supper Mark went out to work while I went out to play. The 2 mares still in, Whitney and Hadassah were covered again this evening. I could wait until tomorrow morning but Tuesday mornings I'm always in a hurry. Honey was teased. Valiant thinks she is in but no winking at all from her. We will assume she is not in yet. Lola, Zalena, and their foals were put in Raven's old paddock. The field grass is now about gone. Tomorrow I'll move a bale in and move the other three mares in with them. These 5 mares need to be bred back before we can take them out to Middle Grove where lush green grass is still abundant. Indy is due in 2 weeks but I do not think she will make it that long. I checked her udder this morning and this evening, the colostrum is still pretty clear but I checked the records from last year, she went 10 days early in 2015. Soul's udder isn't ready at all, she is actually due before Indy on May 7th. Sheena is looking huge and uncomfortable but her udder isn't ready either, she is due May 13th but she went 13 days late last year.
Yesterday was Ellie and Myrrhcedes first dressage show. They were almost high point for the entire showing pulling a score of 70.4%. Jamie, Myrrhcedes' owner sent these pictures taken at the show.

Well done and congratulations Jamie and Ellie. What a beautiful mare! Of course she IS a Raven daughter. Myrrhcedes' mom is Paris. 

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