Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Eastern Time Zone

Mom came over this morning in a tizzy, I was feeding the mares while visiting with Emily around 6:30 am when Mom arrived all upset. She exclaimed, "Judy, are you alright?" I see the panicked look in her eyes even from a distance and shout, "what's the matter mom, what's wrong?" Well the ONLY  thing wrong was mom is still on Eastern Time and we aren't. She was out ready to walk at 6:25 am and when no one showed up to walk, grabbed her phone to call except my phone was on the golf cart which was parked too far away. She walked quickly over to the house and burst in on Mark asking "where's Judy?" When he told her I was out feeding she was sure something must have happened to make me late.  She was shocked to find out it was only 6:30 am. We had fun teasing her, she had to walk twice today.  Joan didn't walk today, instead she drove Hannah, Faith, Mackenson and Berlica to meet up with their home schooling co-op group at Medieval Times up near Chicago.
They had a great time, Faith was given a flower by one of the knights during the play.
I got to work at the Berean office today with Cindy and Carol. To read about our morning click HERE.
Emily moved all 5 mares with foals into the field, opening up the Middle paddock. Anna was loaded,  her brother Timothy was picked up and off they went to Middle Grove to  drop off Anna and pick up Whitney, Hadassah, Whistler and Winston. Well that was a nightmare trip today. She drove the truck and trailer into the summer pasture and got to the top there were no horses in sight AND it started to rain. The truck has 4 wheel drive but not good tires so she was concerned about getting stuck. She got the truck back out to the hard road then started hiking the winter pasture and found the horses but they didn't behave well. Hadassah broke the halter and took off running with the lead rope attached and somehow lost the lead rope. Thankfully Emily had an extra halter along. Winston was tied to a tree until she could get Whistler. This trip took her 2 hours and they were hungry and exhausted by the time they got all 4 horses loaded and were on their way home. They stopped at Bs to fill their empty tummies and rest a bit. They arrived back at the farm the same time I did. We unloaded Hadassah first, took her right over to Valiant to tease and she was in. She was tied to the trailer while the colts were unloaded. Then Whitney was taken over to Valiant and she also was in. She was taken to the breeding stand and covered quickly by Valiant then put away in the Middle Paddock. Hadassah was next, we can't use the same breeding stand for Evan, it is too close to Valiant and Evan won't perform if he is staring at Valiant. Our second stand is not yet up so we took Hadassah on the other side of the breeding shed out of Valiant's sight then brought Evan over and got her covered too. Emily left to take Timothy home. I brought Winston into the barn to groom up for a few pictures for the people coming on Sunday. Winston was great, he led quietly into the stall barn then stood quietly for grooming. He was taken out to the round pen for some action shots. He is such a sweet colt.
  At a year old he already has a tremendous amount of mane and tail. 
His tail is thick, long and bushy. He is really going to be fancy fancy fancy. 
He for sure inherited the Friesian Hair gene. This tail is going to drag on the ground by the time he is 2 years old.
Once he was put away I went to check on the mares and foals in the pasture. I was pretty sure there was a mare up teasing Evan and I was right. Zalena is now in her foal heat. If she is still in tomorrow I'll consider covering her with Evan.
Lola came up to see what all the squealing was about but I don't think she showed.
Joanna was watching all the commotion. 
 Below Ayanna's colt was practicing his bow. He is going to be a performance stallion when he grows up. Actually he was in the process of getting up.
 Star's filly was checking out the clicking of the camera.
 The camera was put away for the next job. I needed to hang buckets on the posts for their breakfast tomorrow. Since there are 5 mares we needed 5 buckets.
Mom sent over a ham, cabbage, bean and potato dish for supper tonight. We had a full car tonight going to church taking Mark, me, mom, Diane and Jessica. Mike Rieker had the service.

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