Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Loose Mares

The weather wasn't very nice last night nor predicted to be nice today, cold, wind and rain. The three mares with foals were left in the indoor arena all night last night but the big doors were left open just the gate was shut. Lily saw me graining this morning and played with the chain until it came off the gate and the gate opened letting all three mares and their foals out into the yard. Emily helped bring them back in. We decided to leave them inside and this time I tied the gate with a rope then drove to the Berean office to finish up the letters from Tuesday.
I left after putting in a few hours there then shopped for groceries at Aldi. I was almost home when the phone rang with Philip at the other end. He was calling to tell me there were horses out in the yard. I was reasonable sure it was the same three and yep this time since they couldn't get the chain off the gate they took the gate off the hing.
They were left to graze until I made it home and changed shoes and then put them away. They were left out the rest of the day in the paddock. By the time church was over they were all pretty wet and more than ready to come in. I'm thankful for the use of the indoor in weather like this. The rest of this week doesn't look much better.
Lola was brought inside again tonight, it is just too awful out to take a chance of her delivering outside.

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