Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ella's Colt Sold

The morning at the Berean office started out frustrating but ended great. We had a lot of fun today but were also very productive. To read about our morning click HERE.
I was kind of in a hurry to get home today to get a few pictures of that new filly born this morning for the website and found myself speeding a couple times. Really it was Mark's van, it just seems to go much faster than the Prius.
Check out how beautiful this filly is:
 The length of her neck, the long legs, the rich black color...oh my...We are sure praying she is Killian's daughter. Emily is convinced of she is but we really won't know until the dna testing.

 Emily and Mike put up the post and rails for Evan's paddock this morning. Emily finished the electric fence wiring this afternoon and Evan was finally let back inside. We still need to drag the big limbs out but that can wait for another day.
Rosalie is now at a barn in Bloomington, IL in training with Rhoda. Emily took her there this morning. The barn is about 10 minutes from Rhoda and Lee's house. This will be very good for Rosalie. With less drive time Rhoda will be able to put more time into training, a win win for me.
This evening we had a family come out to look at Ella's colt. He was getting groomed when they arrived so Emily took him into the round pen and showed them what we have been working with on him. This was his third time in the round pen and each time he has remembered his last lesson and built on it. This is one smart colt. They LIKED him and he is now sold.
Of course those huge gaits may have had something to do with that. He really does move nicely. This colt doesn't trot, he floats. He will be going to a nice family with other horses. We couldn't be more pleased.
Jamie and Ralph came out bearing gifts. They are now the distributors of this fabulous product called  Mane-ly Long Hair. Jenni Moser, who owns Fell ponies (and we all know how hairy Fell ponies are) introduced this to us at the IL Horse Fair. It works like Cowboy Magic but smells better and lasts longer. We will have to give this a try and compare the 2.
Lily and her filly Joanna were taken into the stall and a halter was put on Joanna for the first time in her long life of 8 days. She didn't like it and at 8 days old is already so big and strong it was a fight to get on her. After that fight, I found a newborn halter and put it on Lola's filly with no fight at all. It helps that she was just born this morning. Tomorrow Star's filly and Ayanna's colt are going to get a haltering lesson.

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