Monday, April 18, 2016

Another Beautiful Day

We hit the jackpot, we have had summer like weather these last few days with abundant sunshine and warmth. This morning Anna dropped the girls off during the walk so they got to ride on the golf cart for a round. It was so beautiful outside we decided to spend the morning picking the beautiful flowers. I think God made these just for little girls, they are easy to pick, so bright and sunny and when a bit older they are fun to blow the seeds and watch them fly.
 Kensley was thrilled when Ebby showed up. She was explaining something in detail to that dog and Ebby was so patient with her.

 Braelyn filled a basket with these big healthy bright yellow dandelions.
 Later we decided to feed the horses grass, below is Kensley feeding Ayanna's colt by Evan. 
 Taegan likes to be up high, she can pet the horses much easier. Below she is petting Zalena. 
 Braelyn is offering Zalena her beautiful flowers while Kensley pets her. 
 Below Taegan is feeding April, Lola's filly. 
Below she is putting grass in Zalena's bucket.
 April, Lola's filly.
 We had a visitor today, Star's filly's owner drove over 6 hours round trip to come visit her filly. She was pleased with her behavior and handling. We are always happy when a customer is happy.
 The girls were taken back to the playground to play until it was time to get Braelyn ready for the bus.
As soon as we got to Phil and Anna's house Kensley was fed, changed and put to bed for a nap. That exhausted little girl slept 4 hours! It is exhausting at grandma's house.

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