Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Benefit Dinner Day

This is the first year I have not been in choir and working at the Benefit dinner since I was 16 years old. Do the math, I'm 61 years old. We went as guests for the very first time. It was WONDERFUL! But...I found myself missing the excitement of seating guests, scurrying around in the kitchen, making sure all the last minute details were done and most of all the camaraderie of this amazing group of people. So even if I can't sing, I think next year I must go back to choir.
Dean was in charge of the food and I don't need to say any more about that! Everyone that has ever been to the benefit dinner when he is in charge knows exactly how good everything was! From the elegance of a beautifully set table, to the appetizer of hot bacon spinach onion dip, the sparkling cherry juice, then came the spring salad melange with honey ginger vinaigrette and a hard roll called a ciabatta. Once those were enjoyed and cleared off the table came the dinner entree of herb-crusted prime rib of beef with horseradish cream sauce, a baked potato with butter, sour cream and chives, and Key West vegetables with sesame ginger splash and chow mein. When that plate was set down in front of each guests, one could see the eyes of that guest get big and the question the eyes asked the brain, "could this possibly taste as good as it looks? The answer to that was absolutely! We could hardly fit in the dessert of cherry-berries on a Cloud. Too bad the camera wasn't there to record this but I'm sure you all get the picture, we feasted.
But...that wasn't even the best part of the evening. The choir sang. Sometimes I wonder if the heavenly choir sounds like this choir. The words were so touching, the melodies so beautiful, the harmony perfect. I want to hear them all over again. No wonder when the choir sang in Gridley a couple weeks ago the audience clapped.
Well enough about our evening. The day started out at a cool 40 degrees but sunny. This poor goose couple had a nest on the near side of the pond and were sitting on eggs when something got into the nest and took the eggs. They are now on the far side of the pond trying again. The gander must have been sitting on the eggs while the goose was eating then they switched right before the picture.

Below is their old nest, it was interesting to watch the sparrows come rob the goose down out of this nest using it for their nests. There was a continual flying in and out of the sparrows, at least 3 couples were using the feathers. 
 While I was watching the sparrows I happened to look down at the water and saw this one big eye sticking out. The bull frogs are thriving in the pond. They must not have a lot of predators.

Mark's first job was to take the skid steer and smooth out gravel on the main drive. 
 The electric fence was put up for Eliza and Indy so they could get some of this good green grass. Their gate was left open so they could go in and out for water. Indy's milk was tested and it had not progressed at all, it is running about 110 which means nothing to worry about. The nursery paddock was cleaned today of all manure just in case.
 Mark next got out the mower and mowed until he ran out of gas. 
By this time Philip had arrived with this new computer. It is now up and running and I'm thankful. This one is really fast. His youngest daughter Kensley came down with a bad rash which the doctors think is some kind of bacteria that is very contagious. Philip and Anna had company arrive and they brought their 2 young daughters with them so Philip brought Kensley over here. I played with her while he helped Mark finish putting up the panels of the second solar system.
Rhoda sent an update with pictures on Rosalie. She writes: She's doing better and better,  I decided she was ruby ready and she handled that so well l figured she was ready for Lee.  She's coming along,  everyone at the barn loves her.

 Thanks Rhoda for the update and pictures, we are amazed at how quickly Rosalie is learning. What a great day!


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