Thursday, April 21, 2016

Amazing Amount of Work Done Today

While Diane and I were busy at the Berean office (click HERE to read about that) Emily was hard at work here. She worked on the indoor arena first moving all the equipment out of the barn along with a few bales of hay,
then spread and raked the pile of sand mixing it in well with the rubber. The indoor is all ready for the  vaulting clinics schedule this summer.
 In the picture above I'm standing at the side door looking toward the back and in the picture below I'm standing up against the hay looking toward the front.
Emily worked on spreading the sand in the outdoor arena before I got home from Berean but once I got home we got the mares teased and covered. Zalena was no longer in her foal heat so Hadassah was covered by Evan and Whitney by Valiant.
 Marie dropped off Timmy and Justin when Emily was organizing the equipment.
Timmy and Justin were here to work, but before they started helping Emily they needed to expend some of that boundless energy by jumping on the tramp.

A storm was threatening and when the rain started Emily sent Justin to bring the 4 wheeler from the outdoor and park it inside out of the rain.
 Timmy helped her move the skid steer and mower in.
She decided as long as the arena was done she may as well work the colts indoors during the rain. Winston did well,
Whistler took a bit to figure out what he was suppose to do but in the end responded well. We will get new pictures and a video of him when he sheds out better, he is looking pretty rough right now. He was wormed today with Quest.
When the rain stopped so the next job on the list was to finish the fence line the tree destroyed.

 The boys were good help, moving board, holding board, making sure the rails were level and using the power drill to screw the boards to the posts.

 Once the rails were up the electric fence was the next thing Emily installed. 
The mare and foal pasture is behind this so while the fence was going up we were also watching the foals play together. Below is Joanna and Austara grooming each other.
 Below is Austara, Star's filly, stretching before she decided to lay down and nap. 
 Speaking of naps, below Ayanna's colt grabbed a bite to eat than plopped down to take one. 

 Below is Lola and April, after April was done greeting her mom, she too decided to lay down and sleep.

 Afternoon naps are the best. Emily put in a full day today getting everything done on her list. She has now left for another house sitting job. Indy's udder was checked, she had a little waxing but tested at only 110. She is due in 19 days so I'm hoping she holds off a week or two. She and Eliza are content in the nursery paddock.In the picture below Indy is the mare on the left.
DLM came today and delivered a good load of gravel from the road going to mom's house. This time mom wanted 3/8 inch chips and that's what they brought. It looks great.
We didn't get much rain, just under a tenth of an inch but every little bit helps. The rain is now out of here for a few days. Our next chance of rain is suppose to come on Monday. The fields around here are dusty and dry and the grass isn't growing very fast.
I'm going to have an early night as I need to leave the house tomorrow at 6:00 am to pick up Israel.

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