Saturday, April 2, 2016

High Winds

The winds were roaring today OVER 50 miles an hour slamming into the house and barns and overturning huge trees. Spark's windmill sounded like a helicopter taking off. The wind was so loud we hardly heard the crash of this huge tree which came down and destroyed two fences in the process. Evan's paddock lost an entire section of fenceline as did Raven's old paddock. What was interesting was this was the big tree we use to tie mares to when we were using Raven's paddock as the breeding stand. The lead rope is still tied to this tree.
 Evan figured out right away he could escape his paddock but thankfully the tree stopped him from getting all the way out. He is temporarily locked into the field. Tomorrow I'll have to start square baling him until we get the repairs done.

 Mark spent the afternoon with his chain saw. 
Karin made it back tonight from Gulf Shores and will be spending the night at the apartment. We had testimonies at church tonight. We NEVER get tired of hearing the story of salvation.

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