Friday, April 8, 2016

A Day Off

Mom and Joan made it back from Gulf Shores last night so we walked today. Ruth joined us but only for one round. Her van was running on empty and she needed to fill up the gas tank before going to work and didn't want to be late.
I planned on going to Middle Grove to drop off Ripper and pick up Indy and Anna today but the weather was so cold windy and spitting snow mixed with ice I decided to just stay home and do laundry. Anna and Zephyr have their a vet appointments on Monday morning, Zephyr to draw blood for the coggins test and Anna needs an ultrasound. Indy just needs to come home as she is due in a month. Karin told me she is looking huge. Although I thought she was pretty huge when we hauled her out there.
Karin worked both the new mares yesterday and reported they both did very well. It has been so good for them to be out there with the herd, they are learning how to be 'real' horses. People laugh when we say that but these mares came here with no manners, no old mare had ever taught them to behave and their owner didn't know they were suppose to. We will be bringing them home the end of this month to be bred.
This afternoon the 3 mares with foals old enough to go out were turned out into the big field for a few hours. This was pretty funny to watch. The pictures below are of Star's filly. She would run around the round pen until she came to the electric fence which was down on the ground then slam on the brakes and gallop back around the other direction while her mom grazed.

 I finished putting up the fence but before I turned it on I looked over and the filly was chewing on the electric tape. Of course the electric fence was left off. That would have been a shocking experience for her.

Lily's filly was also funny. She was having fun galloping around Lily then took off ran down the long side of the outdoor arena. The gate was open so she just ran inside and then realized there was no way to get over to her mom.
 She stuck her head through the rails and instead of looking at her mom, looked right over at me as if to say, "do something!"
 Lily was led toward the gate about the same time Joanna figured out how to get out. 
She came trotting up looking embarrassed. 
Ayanna's colt put on quite a show. That boy does the same thing with his tail that his sire Evan does. He had that tail flying straight up into the air as he galloped around showing off.

They were left out until 1:30 pm then called in. They loved the grass and the foals loved galloping around playing. They are going to be tired tonight. Left to right in the picture below are Ayanna's colt, Ayanna, Lily, Lily's filly Joanna, Star and Star's filly Austara (Tara) enjoying being out. The sun actually came out for a little while.
Lola and her filly were turned out in the indoor arena for the night. The filly is still too young to go outside in this weather and we want to keep that umbilical cord dry.
Phil, Anna and the girls came over this evening. The girls came out to help feed and I was going to be showing them the new filly, had the filly at the stall door when Emily's cat came in. At that point I lost the girls. They LOVE cats and both had to run to pet her. Who wants to pet a newborn foal when there is a cat around? That was typed sarcastically.
Rhoda sent a couple pictures of Rosalie. She writes: First day. . We need more sand for sure but it's making her be more careful.  She's remembering everything except for the bow,  it's probably the footing, but eventually she bowed twice. She's being more independent, and bossing the cows around when she's in the pasture. I didn't get on today I'm hoping I can get more sand as it's just like soup. 

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