Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lily's Filly by Valiant SOLD

I left at 7:40 am to pick up the Berean mail at TEMCO then run to Sam's club with 6 old golf cart batteries to exchange for 6 brand new ones. While there of course some shopping needed to be done. We had a VERY good day at the Berean office, mailing out 552 Bibles. To read about our morning click HERE.
When we saw the amount of work to do we were sure we were going to be there all afternoon but amazingly we finished BEFORE noon. The Bibles were dropped off on the way home. By the time I made it back to the farm, Rhoda and Emily had just finished with Rosalie. Today Rhoda walked and trotted her under saddle. This time she was taken into the round pen by herself and did fantastic. Did I ever mention how much we love our Lily fillies? Speaking of Lily's fillies, Her's sold today. Of course she won't be leaving her mom for a long time yet but the new owners are thrilled.  They have loved Lily for years and are pleased to have one of her babies.
Once Rosalie was put away, Rhoda brought Zephyr out for some training. We were SO pleased with him, he remembered everything she worked on last time and today was introduced to the 'scary bag'.

It didn't take long for him to realize the bag was no big deal. What a smart colt! He was put back in with Rosalie then Star and her filly were taken out.
Check out how exact the filly's legs are with her mom's. They were brought into the stall for the evening as a storm was building. Each foal gets handled a couple of times a day when they are newborns.
 We find this makes them very easy to train when they are old enough TO train. They learn how to stand quietly when asked, how to pick up their feet, and have their ears and face rubbed. Later they will be trained to lead and load. All before we haul them out to Middle Grove.
Above is Star's filly below is Lily's filly.

Have I ever mentioned how much we LOVE this job! What could be better than playing with the babies?
Mark worked on installing the new golf cart batteries in the old golf cart and when he was finished I had to take it for a spin. We now have 2 working golf carts, one for him and one for me. Both are working great and the old one is now almost as fast as the new one. Amazing what new batteries do.

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