Thursday, November 20, 2014

Too Heavy

We had a break in the frigid weather with sunshine and 34 degrees. We were walking around outside in sweat shirts instead of heavy winter clothes by noon. Our morning walk though was still pretty cold. Diane had to pick up the mail at the Peoria post office as Ellen is still on vacation. We actually had more request letters come in than the studies. Eva Jean and I worked on studies while Diane worked on the letters. Diane also brought along a couple of her grand children along and they were very good helpers.
Those kids were put in charge of putting the labels and stamps on each of the Bibles then stacking them back in the boxes. Mark loaded up 24 full boxes plus some loose  Bibles into his van to take to the post office since he didn't think my car could  hold the weight. We mailed out 293 today. Read more by clicking on this link: Berean Prison Ministry Blog
Eva Jean and I worked until noon then broke for lunch at Denny's. We were joined by Spark, Phil and Mark. After lunch we worked until the work was done for the day around 1:30 pm.
Karin took a salt bock, mineral block and protein block out to Middle Grove for the herd yesterday. She said Ribbon is the boss and a pig keeping the other horses away while she took her time.
Today she checked on them and the protein block is already gone. Emily picked up 4 more salt blocks last weekend. She and Mike went to Middle Grove tonight to work on the fence. Hope they remembered to take the salt blocks out.
Killian will need a new bale tomorrow. Today the hog panel was moved out of his shelter so he could finish up the hay from his last bale. 
Time to get off the computer and give Mark a hair cut. He thinks shorter hair makes him look younger...LOL... not much hope of that. At least he still has hair that needs cutting.

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