Monday, November 17, 2014


The golf cart didn't work this morning so I was stuck walking from the house to the barns to the paddocks for feeding. The wind and cold cold temperatures caused the morning feeding to be miserable. I noticed Violet lost her halter somewhere in the pasture and it was one of our good weanling halters. After feeding Violet, Ripper and Rhiannon (now called Sky) were let out into the big field.  During the second round of the walk our neighbor Bobby Brown called to report loose horse down by his house. Of course all of ours needed to be checked but all were where they belonged. After our morning walk and after I warmed up a bit I braved the cold and wind to search for the missing halter with no luck. This is the same pasture that swallowed Goldie the cow's halter last year. Emily found that just this fall. If the golf cart would have been running it would have helped with the hunt.  Even though I had on a sweat shirt, a hoodie, and a warm winter coat it was too cold to stay out long enough for a good search. The sustained winds of 22 miles an hour with gusts up to 40 made the 16 degrees into a frigid morning. The winds rocked the house all day and now even into the night. It doesn't help that snow is also flying. The wood burner has been glowing all day. I had a lady ask about Violet's papers. She wanted to know the hole in her papers (meaning the ancestor who is not a Friesian).
 Violet has a wonderful pedigree. Just click on these to enlarge enough to read the names. 
Notice after the names how many of her ancestors have numbers and abbreviations? The approved stallions always have a number after their name and APV meaning approved. The Sport predicate can only be earned by high level dressage. The mares are stud book or better and most of Violet's are Ster, and Ster Pref.  What is amazing is even the 'hole' in her papers is of a high quality warmblood. No wonder Violet is special! Check out how amazing her movement is in the video below.

Although with ancestors such as hers how could we expect anything less. Did I mention Violet is for sale? We are only asking $6000.00 for her but if we don't sell her she will be put to use in 3 years as another of our high quality brood mares.

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