Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Practicing For the Fair

I stopped in at work today to process the letters that didn't get done yesterday. Karin called to tell me about her training session at Middle Grove yesterday. She said she was giggling and laughing with joy. She is amazed at how wonderful the horses are progressing. Of course she says Jenis is the most talented and gorgeous horse out there. Karin agreed to meet me at Middle Grove to help pick up Titan, Ella's colt. Titan will be delivered on Saturday to his new owner and he needed to come in for weaning. That went like clock work. I drove the truck and trailer through the gates at Middle Grove just as Karin had arrived with Ella and Titan. Oksana followed her down to the trailer and we discussed taking her also but there is still so much grass out at Middle Grove it just doesn't make sense. Titan was loaded and I was back on the road within minutes. 
Emily was working Valiant when I arrived home. She is running him through his paces and getting him all ready for the 2015 IL Horse Fair. 
 Below she is reminding him to stand still when the scary bag lands on his head. Valiant is getting better and better at the basics.
 He was so funny today at the sit. He loves to sit and watch Emily or the other horses.
 Below she has asked him to step forward but he was content to sit. Emily finally went over to him and grabbed his reins.
 Come ON Valiant move!
Valiant is so huge Emily looks like a midget way up there. 

 After working with him in the arena she took him on the trails but had to stop and pose for a few pictures. 
 While she was on the trails Titan was getting the last few burrs out of his mane and tail. There weren't too many just a few we missed at the burr removal party. He had a couple stuck in each ear and I was very pleasantly surprised at how well he behaved while taking those out. Next he got a tying lesson and again he did great.
I took a few pictures of him for his new owner and emailed them to her. He was stalled for the night. Mark drove to church tonight, we had a visitor Jeff Neihouser from Morton speaking on obedience and sacrifice. It was a very good sermon.

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