Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A New Blog

We had a great group today working with Berean Prison Ministry. It was suggested that a blog could be written to inform people what this ministry does. Well this ministry does so many things I don't even know about but I can write about what our little part does and when the other information comes that will be added. If interested in reading the first blog post complete with pictures and letters just click on this link: Berean Prison Ministry Blog
Some of the letters today were really funny. After lunch we closed up the shop with the intention of coming back on Thursday to process the letters. There is just no way to finish with the amount of mail coming in.
Rhoda had a visitor for riding this afternoon. Since most of the horses are at Middle Grove they had the choice of Cookie and one of the stallions. Since the 3 year old stallion is sharing a pasture with Missy and Cookie guess which one she decided to ride? Below Emily is bringing in Killian, Savannah is bringing in Cookie and Rhoda is bringing in Missy. Missy is still lame but we wanted to check how she is doing. She was put in the pasture next to Valiant while the other 2 were tacked up.
Below they were getting ready to head out on the trails. 
Since I was already up at the barn I wanted to take a picture of the new calf now that his momma had him all cleaned up. He sure looks cuter than the pictures taken yesterday of him getting so rudely pulled out of his mom.
When Mark got home we moved a new bale in for Evan. Mom called to offer us some sauerkraut soup for dinner. I headed right over to grab some and ran into Joan who was also getting some soup.  We were teasing mom and she let us know that if we don't stop the soup kitchen will be closed. Even though I don't like sauerkraut this soup was good. Of course any meal I don't have to cook is good.

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