Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Record Setting Cold

The thermometer dropped down to 11 degrees early this morning. The record for Peoria was 12 and officially the Peoria area tied the record but the record we broke was the high for the day. It only made it up to a frozen 22 degrees brrrr for this 18th day of November. It was a cold walk today but 6 of the 8 of us girls came to join mom and her dog Molly on the frozen amble around the neighborhood. After the walk I drove in to TEMCO to pick up the Berean mail only to find the office closed and locked up tight. Turned out Ellen is on vacation and gave the post office box key to Diane. We just forgot that little fact. Diane was a little late getting the mail but we had so many good workers today we STILL got done. Below Diane is bringing it in. Can you imagine how many pieces of mail fit in those 2 boxes. A LOT!

 We are always glad when Lisa drops off a some of her strong boys and below we have 6 ladies all working hard reading letters and opening mail. Eva Jean is not in the picture but believe me she was busy opening too. 
We broke for lunch at noon and headed to Denny's. Since we were a pretty big group Emily was busy helping our waitress by passing out the menus.
After lunch we worked until 2:00 pm then Emily and I went to the Peoria County Jail to get a few pictures of the Tuesday Jail ladies for the  Berean Prison Ministry Blog .
Those ladies keep busy. Above is Rhonda just coming out of the Chaplains office and below Barb and Jan are busy getting ready to fill orders.
 May was in the counseling office with an inmate.
The rest of the Berean pictures and letters are placed on the Berean Prison Ministry Blog although I laughed when I was entering the study below. This prisoner was only on lesson #5 and a certificate won't be sent until all 50 lessons are completed.
Eva Jean and Shirley wanted to see mom's puppies. Diane offered to take them today as I was coming back to finish up the letters after the trip to the jail and could bring them home.
 The puppy above is sitting on Eva Jean's lap while Shirley was thrilled to hold another puppy.
 Aren't they the cutest ever!
 After the ladies were taken back to the shop I worked until 5:00 pm finally finishing process over 200 letters asking for Bibles or studies. We had 184 request come in today and 400 studies. 
Mark drove Diane and I to choir. It was a good practice and a very delicious lunch was served by Al and Jan. 

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