Sunday, November 9, 2014

Affairs of My Heart

We had a great day today. A very good day in church with 2 awesome sermons then the kids came over for dinner. All have left and now it is just Mark, me and the dogs. I'm tired and will be heading to bed soon. It is just past 6:00 pm but our day is going to start early tomorrow as we need to be at Methodist Medical Center at 5:30 am.
I suppose I should write a little history of why. I've been having some chest pains for about 3 months, nothing terrible, nothing I couldn't handle but when my brother Spark had to have stents put in a few years back then my brother John had to be life flighted to the hospital with a heart attack  10 days ago, that was a good warning not to wait but just get checked out. After all I'm the next in line. Last week a CT scan was scheduled then Wednesday a stress test but the stress test was cancelled when the EKG came back not quite normal. So tomorrow I will have an angiogram and find out if the pain is all in my head or heart.

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