Friday, November 21, 2014

Much Adoe About Nothing

Emily came over real early this morning for a cup of coffee dressed warmly as it was only 9 degrees outside. She was heading out to go hunting with the Sauders. David (Rachel's husband not son) came home with the prize. Rachel is thrilled! She will be able to feed her family and all the rest of the people that end up at her house. David shot a monster doe weighing in at 183 pounds.
 Anyone want to help with the butchering?
Israel came to play with grandma today. Both dogs are always thrilled when Israel comes, he is so good at sharing his food with them. Notice how quietly they wait for him to drop something.
 We had a couple visitors today come see the stallions. My cousin Mary Ellen Hughes brought out a guest who wanted to meet the horses. Mary took the pictures below of Kay meeting Ripper and Emily working Killian.

Of course they had to see Israel too. 
 We all headed over to mom's to play with the puppies, Israel found a ball just his size and brought it home from great grandma's house to grandma's house.
 Below Israel is enjoying lunch, he wasn't sure why I was taking pictures. 

 Emily's friend Allison came for a visit, as we have no riding horses here except the stallions they drove to Ruth's house and came riding back Paris and Larry, the 2 old Arabians. They don't look too bad for senior citizens, I mean the horses not the girls. 

 Israel was waiting at the patio door watching me take the pictures. 
 At 6:00 pm we all loaded up into 3 cars and drove to Metamora where the home schooling co-op group was putting on the Shakespeare's Comedy Much Adoe About Nothing. The Germantown Hills Baptist Church opened their church for the play and the audience filled it until just about every seat was taken. We were in the next to the last row while Joan and Tim's family were in the last row.
 Allison and Emily enjoyed the play
 Grandma enjoyed the play too but had trouble understanding the lines. Hannah stole the show as the Constable Dogberry. I couldn't take any pictures of the play we were too far back but it was very very well done.
 Below is Mackenson, Sarah and Faith waiting for the play to begin.
 We rode home with Tim, the camera was used to keep the kids occupied. They were tired and kind of cranky, Not Faith though, she is never cranky, she was busy telling the others, "quiet!"
 Below are a few happy smiles. 

Phil came over this afternoon to get the Berean Website set up on my computer so a few changes could be made. Check it out now by clicking Berean Prison Ministry  A link was made from that website to the Berean blog and the Berean blog to the website.

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