Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Drop in Temperature

Our nice weather is gone, maybe for months. It was mild this morning so mild I almost decided not to wear a coat to church today but thankfully did. We had a visiting minister today, Rick Kaisner from Chicago church was visiting his parents Eunice and Leon. It is always a privilege listening to gifted speakers speak the truth.  By the time church was over the weather had dropped to freezing temperatures.
We needed to move 2 round bales today, both Valiant and Evan were out of hay. I am so thankful for a hard working husband and his skid steer. That machine makes moving bales easy.
We had left overs again for supper. Thankfully we are almost out of turkey.
Sky's owner called to report she made it to Maryland this evening and was eating, drinking and pooping. That was a long trip for her, glad she made it ok, the only problem was she didn't want to back out of the trailer and they ended up having to push her out. We will need to bring home the 3 foals that still need weaning from Middle Grove tomorrow. Magnum, Treasure and Tatiana all need to come home for updated pictures and videos. The other horses that probably should come home are Oksana, Rosie and Whitney but there is not enough room in the trailer and I don't want to take 2 trips.
Above is Oksana and below is Rosalie. Oksana turned 2 in June and needs to be started under saddle. Rosalie will turn 2 in February and needs to come home to have her wolf teeth pulled.
We have 2 different people interested in checking Whitney out. She was placed for sale last week but after talking to Karin we are not quite sure she is ready. We need to see how she behaves away from Ribbon. Right now Ribbon is her security but each of our horses need to be well behaved with and without other horses on the trails. 

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