Friday, November 28, 2014

A Proper Thanksgiving

Yesterday was too jam packed to even sit at the computer. So this morning at 5:15 after gulping down 2 cups of strong coffee the pictures from yesterday were downloaded. Ben and Taunya's family spent the night and Ben had something that had to be done before going to church with us. Here is his before and after pictures.

Before the  next pictures are posted though it is only proper to write about who and why we were celebrating the day. Yesterday was all about thanking our God for bringing us through another year for letting us live in a country where we have the freedom to thank our heavenly Father,  Thanking God  most of all for His plan of salvation. Tim Roecker had the service at church.
After church about 45 of us made our way to Joan and Tim's house for the much anticipated annual Thanksgiving feast. Below are a few pictures.

Faith, pictured below with Anni discovered an AMAZING new pie. She called her mother over to tell her, "mom you have to try this amazing pie, it is so good, you just have to take off the first layer." Any guesses to which pie she could be talking about?
Pecan pie is the answer, If you just take those yucky nuts off the top layer the rest is so good.

After the meal games were played and that all important fellowship if visiting and catching up on all the news was enjoyed. Later my family, that is all but Jon, Kim, Mark and I migrated over to the house to watch football. We 4 were about the last to leave the comfort and spaciousness of Joan and Tim's house to crowd into our cramped crowded house to have another meal around 8:00 pm.  Phil and Anna drove Nancy back to her home in Morton and by 10:30 pm we were all ready for bed. What a blessed day.

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