Friday, November 7, 2014

Miss Molly's Puppies

Miss Molly's puppies now have their eyes opened. They are 2 weeks old and will be ready to go before Christmas so get your order in quickly. There are only 2 left, the male and one female.
On the way to mom's today to take pictures of the puppies I had to stop and take a couple pictures of her still blooming flowers. We had 27 degrees this morning so it was a surprise to see anything still living. You can see the frost killed some of  them but it was nice to see the bright colors.

When I walked in mom was up on a chair dusting her ceiling fan.
The puppies were sound asleep in mom's bedroom where she keeps the box but we brought them into the living room for a few pictures.

Molly is very proud of her pups and is taking very good care of them. They are purebred Shih Tzu puppies and are for sale only $300.00 each. Both parents weigh in at a whopping 12 pound so these are going to be small dogs when full grown. If you are looking for a very loving family dog that does not shed and is hypoallergenic, this is the dog for you!   
Emily loaded up the cows today and drove them back to Forrest, IL bringing back with her Justin, her brother. Mark came home early from work to power wash the skid steer down before winter and put them both to work on that machine.

When they finished that Emily brought the mower out to chop leaves and let Justin drive. Mark and I left for potluck at Bob and Doris Meiss' house. As we were driving Emily sent a text with the pictures below. She had Titan loose in the barn while she was feeding and cleaning stalls and the colt followed her right into the apartment.
 She wrote he was fascinated with the television. 
Tomorrow Karin and I are delivering Titan to his new home. We'd better email the new owner and tell her to make sure she provides entertainment in her barn. This boy is spoiled!
We had a very nice time at potluck. The food was delicious and the fellowship even better. We were joined by Chuck, Betty, Rich and Bonnie.  If I didn't have to get up early tomorrow we would still be there but instead I'm heading to bed right now!

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