Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sold Sold and Sold

Ruth stopped in early this morning to drop off a pizza for the sick lady. For some reason she thinks I'm sick. She is probably right. Mark was glad he was going to have something to cook for lunch.
Miss Molly's puppies were posted last night and by this morning both available pups are sold.
The other animal that is also sold is Titan. Karin and I drove to Iowa to met his new owner today and finally made it home by 4:30 pm. Needless to say we are tired.
Titan traveled well while the trailer was moving but not well behaved in the trailer when we were waiting for the new owner to arrive. He tried to jump over the stock trailer divider and gouged his forehead a bit and the divider is now going to have to have a bit of repair. As long as we were standing next to the trailer he was fine but the wind was so fierce we would go sit in the truck and he would try again to escape. Hope he behaves for his new owner.
Mark had Nick out to help with preparing the house for the new siding. When we arrived home he was out on the skid steer cutting down more trees on the fence line.
Emily left for the weekend but won't be home until Monday afternoon. She was asked to work for the dairy Monday morning. She is just too valuable for milking cows.  Before she left she and her brother Justin went on a trail ride with Killian and Cookie.
 That is Valiant peeking behind the tree in the field behind Emily and Justin in the picture above.
Emily reported both horses were very good. When we were driving to Iowa a call came in from a lady with 2 Friesian mares she was wondering if I would like to buy to add to our Horsemeister herd. The timing isn't good for us to add to the herd with winter on the way. I emailed her some websites she should advertise them on, made her an offer and left it at that. We really don't need more mares.
Bethany and Bill came to visit Joan, Tim and the kids. Every one will be thrilled to see them in church tomorrow.

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