Monday, May 6, 2013

She's Back

We had a surprise this morning, mom joined us on the walk, the proof is the picture below.

Mike helped get Holly covered by Valiant around 6:30am, Prissy and Lilypony are now out but Ayanna is showing. Jenis was covered by Killian this afternoon. The weather was beautiful, finally sunny and warm. Hadassah and Solomon were put out in a paddock for the first time in days. Solomon had a good time galloping around. Marika was just let loose to graze in the field for an hour. Rhoda wanted to look at a sectional leather couch from Craig's list for the apartment. Philip lent his truck and the Meister brother trailer so when we went to go look at it, if she liked it we could bring it back. It is big but in good shape so she bought it. She and I unloaded into the apartment. The pros on this couch is it will easily sleep 2 people and is comfortable. The con is it is just a little too large.
Spark and Rhonda are grand parents again as of yesterday morning. Jake and Andi had a beautiful boy. They named him Charlie Paul. Hopefully Rachel will take some pictures of him and place them on facebook so I can steal one and post it here.

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