Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nope No Baby Yet

Marika seems to be enjoying pregnancy so much she is holding off having this foal. She will have to stay locked up today while we are in church. Last night she tested between 200 and 250 the same as the day before but with this test the day the mare hits 200 the foal has a 50/50 chance of coming within 24 hours, 80% chance within 48 hours and a 96% chance of coming within 72 hours. Tonight will be 72 hours, anyone want to stay up with us?
I didn't make it up to the apartment last night until after 10:00pm and found a fairy or fairies had visited, the hard working fairy had the apartment all cleaned up ready for company. A great big thank you to who ever did this, the place looked beautiful.
Church will be special today, it's Mother's Day~
A nice email came in from Dee, Olympia's owner, Olympia is out of Jenis by Raven:
    So I thought that I would share this funny filly story with you. So we don't really have a round pen over at CJ's place so I tried to use a bunch of interrupted jumps as kind of a barrier and fence to keep her in a smaller area to try some round pen reasoning with her tonight. She was actually doing pretty well with it but she is kind of a lazy dazy girl and after about three times around trotting she decided that the better option was just to go over one of the jumps. So much for Friesians don't jump. Lol Then she looked back at me almost with satisfaction that she escaped from my torture area. She helped me then put up all of the pieces of course, as much help as she could be. She was hooked on to me at least. She really is a treat to have around and always brings a smile on my face no matter how rotten of a day I might be having. Thank you again for what you do.

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