Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cram It All In

The workers started showing up around 8:30am so Mark headed over to mom's to organize them. I left for Princeville where the Kieser sisters were holding a baby shower for David and Stephanie's expected little boy. Below is grandma Shirley Kieser by the food table, the cake is not a cake it is made of diapers.

Below is Stephanie's mom, Martha Kay taking pictures of Stephanie, her sister Kristin and a couple of nieces as they opened the many gifts.
Mom had a really good crew show up for the work day getting every thing done on her list in less than a couple of hours and the list wasn't that short. There were just so many good workers that knew what to do. She got her lawns mowed and trimmed, her garage cleaned out and power washed, the front of her house power washed, around 10 trees taken down from the playground area all cut up and stacked neatly, her hillside weeded and the vegetables planted, her deck power washed then water proofed and many other jobs done. She was pleased! Diane picked mom, Ruth and I up around 5:00pm and we headed over to Five Points Washington for a benefit concert. All proceeds went to the Handicap Home. The auditorium was huge and most of the seats were filled, We walked in a little late and had to sit down near the front and loved our seats. We were close enough to see the groups well. The first group up was the Prairie Choristers from Roanoke.
Next up was a group of women from Bloomington called 15:6
Then always a favorite Kindred Spirit.
Finally finishing up with Deer Fry:
It was a wonderful evening of music, sometimes beautiful, soothing melodious and sometimes toe tapping hold me down music. Lots of fun and fellowship. I'm heading over to the barn now, hope we have a new baby to report by morning. 

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