Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Ribbon and Marika were turned out in the field this morning and left while the laundry machines were running. They loved the grass and didn't wander at all. By the time I came back to check on them they were waiting quietly in the middle of the circle drive. Below is Ribbon's filly at 13 days old.

She was very content nibbling on the grass, soon flopping down for a nap.
Marika was also content, quickly getting her fill of grass. Of course she doesn't have much room for grass with that huge baby bump. Jenis and Ayanna are now out of season, both were teased then moved into the pasture next to the boys.
Ribbon was sweating pretty heavily by afternoon, she and her filly were taken into the indoor and hosed off before going back into the paddock. Marika was hosed off and placed in her stall but the door left wide open. She comes and goes at will. This afternoon when I went to check on her she was out grazing by Ribbon's paddock then tonight after church she was laying down in the stall all prepared for bed. She was shut in for the night. The good thing about her is during the day she goes outside to manure and urinate, there were no piles or wet spots inside tonight.
Mark Streitmatter from Bloomington, IL had the service tonight on contentment. It was a really good service for me to hear.

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