Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nostalgic Memories

The rain started even before heading home from the walk which meant I had to sit on a wet golf cart seat to get home. The golf cart was left in the indoor arena. The coolness of the morning, the sound of raindrops hitting the puddles brought back so many memories of summer vacation at Lake Gerard in New Jersey in the cabin my grandparents owned. We would sit on the huge screened in porch listening to the sound of rain drops hitting the lake in the early morning singing this rhyme: Rain before 7:00 clear by 11:00. This morning I could almost smell the cabin wood. Each of us siblings that loved going there are trying to recreate that wonderful place for our children, down to the leaky row boats grandpa was always working on, the diving board off the swimming dock the boats and canoes around the fishing dock filled with fishing poles, tangled line, hooks and sinkers, the horse shoe pit, and the swing where our imaginations could take flight.
If it clears up and dries up, I'll be mowing. The tall grass has grown too tall and too thick for the regular riding mower the tractor with the mower deck will be needed today.
Emma was really gross this morning, we finished our walk and she is sitting in front of mom's garage drooling.
Big thick slimy ropes of slobber that swing around when she moves her head back and forth.

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