Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another Disappointing Night

Another wasted night spent waiting for a foal to be born that didn't come. We are baffled about Marika. We bought her in-foal and didn't have a confirmed due date but was told the previous owners thought they saw her get covered May 22nd, 2012 which would put her due the end of April. I bought 3 brand new foal watch kits from Chemetrics and have followed the instructions meticulously. In the past these tests have worked perfect, this year we have had one disaster with Zalena delivering when according to the test there was no way she would and now Marika testing at or below 200 for FIVE days! According to the test data this foal should have been born for sure by Sunday. Perhaps its time to find a better way, if anyone knows of an accurate test please contact me. After using different products over the years we found Chemetrics' foal watch to be the most accurate until this year.
Marika will be left inside while I'm at work today.

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