Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Can't Fire a Volunteer

Today Diane agreed to come help us with the prison ministry and she failed at the first job she was given, slitting open envelopes. Our letter openers are very old fashioned and not sharp and the envelopes looked like they had been chewed open by the time she was done. Actually they look the same as when I open them. Eva Jean showed us a better way but Diane is determined to bring her own next time. At lunch Diane remarked to Mark that the home owner's association out at the Meister complex was going to start fining him if the grass doesn't get mowed soon. (that was a joke) Spark's mower is broken, Rachel's mower is broken, Diane's mower is broken and on Mark's mower the blades were too dull to get through the thick long grass. Dan was called and he saved the day until his mower got a flat tire. Thank goodness for family even if they do threaten to fine us. The car's air conditioner hasn't worked since last fall so on the way home we stopped at Frenches' to get an appointment to fix it. Butch told us to leave it and thinks it will be done tomorrow afternoon. Diane and I walked over to Mike's office to beg a ride home.
Karin came this afternoon to put some work into the horses. She had a break through with Lilypony realizing she hadn't had enough desensitizing done. When I arrived she was working with Holly. Prissy needed to be covered and Karin was willing to work with Valiant, keeping his attention on her and not on the mare until she allowed him to jump. I'll use her method tomorrow.
The news today came out that the 51 confirmed dead was not correct. At this point there are 24 confirmed fatalities with 7 of them children. So typical of the news someone spouts off a number and it is reported as gospel. The number doesn't matter to the families that lost the 24. They are still devastated.

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