Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Home from Haiti

Joan, Tim, Hannah and Faith made it home from Haiti last night late. Joan joined us on the walk. It was hard to leave the walk this morning for work. We had a huge amount of studies come in, it took both of us (Eva Jean and I) from 9:00am to 10:20am just to get the envelopes opened, both of us just slitting them as fast as possible. Eva Jean had to take most of the work home with her today, we ran out of envelopes to put the labels on. After work Rhoda, Karin and Hannah took Ayanna, Jenis and Paris on a trail ride. Below is Rhoda on Ayanna waiting for the others to mount.
While they went off riding I took the golf cart over to the cabin field to check Eliza's udder. She is due June 7th, and went a little early last year. She is such a gorgeous mare.
Her companion is walker Sally, Sally was bred to Evan and is due Sept 15th 

The trail riders were coming back by the time I was done at the cabin,
Check out the neck on Jenis above and a close up of the girls below.

It was nice to see Ayanna in the lead. Mark moved in 2 round bales then used the skid steer to clean a paddock. That machine is the most valuable machine on the property.  He power washed it when done and came in filthy. We had to move Lilypony out of the main paddock and put her in with Killian. She was chasing Hadassah's foal around. Rhoda is spending the night here, Steven is at the apartment. Hopefully Marika will have her foal tonight.

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