Monday, May 13, 2013


This night time foal watch is getting really old. If and this must be the big if, the tests are correct last night Marika had a 96% chance of delivering and it didn't happen!
I'm glad I do not have to go any where today, I really don't believe she can wait much longer. Yesterday afternoon Diane and Mike helped move a gate over to the field behind the pond, once Steven arrived Ribbon and Haddassah along with their foals were let out back for grazing, then after a bit Jenis, Zalena and Ayanna were brought over to join them. The 2 weanlings, Oksana and Olivia were left in the pasture next to the boys. There was quite a bit of running going on last night but this morning they are all peacefully grazing on top of the hill in the early morning mists. I'll go check on the foals after chugging a couple mugfuls of strong coffee. The boys were having fun this morning the sound of their thundering hooves brought me to the door to see them running laps around their pasture, stopping to rear straight up then back to galloping.
On a good note, we will be shipping semen from Evan to Kentucky for the mare below:
Her name is Monet and she is a half Friesian maiden mare. Isn't she beautiful and won't this be a wonderful cross?

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