Friday, May 31, 2013

Record Breaking Spring Rain

It is official we have had record breaking rains this spring over 20 inches and much more is expected. What a morning, the horses needed another round bale but with the extreme mud from the rain during the night I went through 3 sets of socks and clothes. Slipping and sloshing through the deep puddles to remove the round bale feeder the mud splattered all the way up to the shirt and the shorts are now in the garbage. So is one of the hog panels used for a round bale. It should have been removed yesterday and refilled but that didn't get done and the horses ruined it. Next time in I'll buy 2 more. Rachel reported a tree down on the lane, Mark went to check it out and was absolutely incredulous when he got back from his walk. It was from our yard and a huge old mulberry tree. He had an 8:00 am appointment and had to just drive away. Below Emma is checking it out. Rachel posted that this is what it is like to live in a rain forest, and I'm starting to believe her.
Tim Reinhard came home from his appointment and got busy clearing. It is wonderful having a Haitian here. They are experienced at clearing and fixing roads especially Tim.

The picture below was taken from the yard, if you click on it you can see huge this tree is.
 This tree is massive but by the time Tim was done we at least could drive through.

 The golf cart was taken over to the indoor arena and parked to get it out of the rain.
I stopped to snap the pictures below of Holly just enduring the endless wet.

Unfortunately the walk down from the barn to the house had to be done quickly as the camera really shouldn't get wet.

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