Friday, May 3, 2013

Scheduled Ultrasound

We have an 8:30am appointment today with Dr. Hoerr to have Gem, owned by Cathy to be sonagrammed.

Gem was bred to Evan. Gem will need her travel papers done for her long trip home to South Carolina if she settled. It has been 20 days since Gem's last cover. We woke up to a nice gentle rain that by the size of the mud puddle in the yard looks as if it has been falling most of the night. The walk is cancelled. The mares were fed, watered and left inside. The stalls were cleaned and maybe later today each can be turned out for a bit in the indoor arena.
We now have a name for Ella's filly.
She will be named Scarlet of Horsemeister. With her pretty color and that extra spunk the name just fits. Emily sent an update on Indy writing: Hi Judy, Sorry I haven't talked to you at all since you brought Indy. She's doing great. I've rode her 3 or 4 times now. She's such a sweetheart, so eager to please.
Indy will be coming home the first week of June. Emily has agreed to come stay with us for the summer to help with training. Karin is a bit overwhelmed. There are too many horses and not enough daylight each day.

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