Friday, May 10, 2013

Cold Cloudy Day

Meet Charlie Paul Meister
Charlie is Jake and Andi's son, Spark and Rhonda's grandson.
No sunshine today, Diane and I cut the walk short, the mist was starting to feel like rain. The mud is not drying up, the air is holding so much moisture it is just down right chilly at 56 degrees. Marika is progressing, today she hit the 200 mark, a 50/50 chance of delivery tonight. She will be locked in the stall before I leave for the mother daughter banquet in Maquon tonight. I picked up almost 5 gallons of diesel for Spark's fire truck. That will be needed for the workday tomorrow to take down the trees mom wants removed.  I also picked up 5 gallons of gasoline for the mowers that will be used. Mark bought a bunch of work gloves for the workers and the supplies needed to stain her deck. Jenni Moser sent this picture of Nevar, Airiah's Raven son.
The video below was posted on facebook and I found it pretty amazing. 
A little levity goes a long way on a depressing day. Each time Dr. Hoerr comes out to collect the stallions I think of this cartoon:

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