Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moving Emily

Emily Ricketts, one of the Horsemeister trainers is moving in for the summer. I mentioned on the walk that she wants to use the truck and trailer for the move when Rachel asked, "why would she need a truck, the apartment is furnished?" The answer was,  " this is Emily, she is coming with 2 pregnant cows not furniture!" We all got a laugh at that. The good news on the truck is that it should be done Monday and only looks like it will be just a little over $1000.00 to fix it. This is the 1st time to repair the drive cable and the 3rd time I've had to fix the 4 wheel drive on that truck. Still it is better than buying another and having monthly payments. We try to buy everything with cash up front and I don't have enough saved up to purchase another truck.
Diane and Eva Jean are painting the Berean office this morning. I'm heading in to supervise (joke).

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