Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dinner with the Kids

We worked outside from 7:00am to 10:00 am which was when the rain started. Mark got the stallion paddock scraped and the weeds in that pasture mowed. I loaded up the cotton candy machine and all the supplies and headed over to Gray Horse Farm where the HIPC horse show was taking place. As this was Amy's birthday and she was already volunteering her time there Susan Ross brought in a cake and ice cream for a surprise party.
By this time the rain is pouring down, the jumping part of the show was moved inside. It was still raining when we were ready to leave for dinner with the kids at Logan's so the cotton candy machine was not cleaned up, just put in the apartment for later. Our meal was good, the kids were well behaved.
 Above is Addyson telling Sarah something and below is Braelyn reaching for more peanuts. She loved throwing the shells on the floor. Each time she threw one down she would clap.

 David and Stephanie have their car packed and ready for a trip to the hospital, their baby can come any day now. Below Jack is looking over at us very suspicious.

 Sarah sure had her hands full. Phil and Anna invited us over after dinner.
Below is David reading a story
It was fun to spend time with family on this cold rainy Saturday. The only one missing was Rhoda, she was at a birthday party.

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