Sunday, May 5, 2013

Choir Picnic

Mark brought in 3 wheelbarrows of hay while I cleaned stalls this morning which really helped with the feeding. Oksana and Olivia were turned out into the pasture last night and this morning Oksana tried to get back inside her old paddock and ended up between the 2 fences. It took 3 of us to back her out and then put the board back up she knocked down. Mike brought Evan over to cover Hadassah. Her colt wasn't too sure he liked being left in the paddock even though his mom was just on the other side of the fence. We had a very blessed day at church, then came the afternoon. The Peoria choir was invited over to Bob and Myrna's for the annual choir picnic. As this was the last day Wayne would have a chance to direct us after dinner we all lined up on the stairs for the final finish.
Check out all those happy faces we were all having a very good time. As a joke, Wayne was told to sit in the lounge chair and Spark directed us using a bunch of Wayne's sayings and mannerisms. Then we sang Free At Last only the words changed to fit Wayne is free after 17 years! We will sure miss him as director.
Then as Carol and Wayne's daughters weren't there we had some stand ins.
Mindy played Kyra, baby bump and all (a pillow worked good) Melissa played Kelsy, Janell played Carissa and Katy played a perfect Carmen. All in good fun. We ended the evening with a good old fashioned singing.

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