Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wrong Decision

Yesterday I gambled then found out today I lost. Sangria was not covered yesterday, this morning during our first break in the rain she was taken over to Raven and said, "no!" very emphatically. There is no second guessing Sangria, she is either in or out there is no maybe about her. Then Prissy was brought over and she also said no. Bummer, Both mares should have been covered yesterday. I chose to cover Clair yesterday instead of Prissy planning on catching Prissy this morning. And wanted to give Raven a day off with Sangria. The best chance of conception happens just before or as she is ovulating. Now that Sangria is out, she and Jewel were turned out in the field with their foals for a bit. What beautiful subjects to photograph.
Above is Jewel's filly by Evan learning to dance and below is Sangria's colt by Raven. The muscle on Sangria's 11 day old colt by Raven is amazing.

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