Friday, September 21, 2012

Meet Holly

Rhoda arrived an hour early to acquaint herself with Holly the rescue mare. By the time I arrived she had Holly leading quietly by her side. Now that doesn't sound like much but if you would have seen this mare last night, you would agree this was a miracle. The truck and trailer were pulled right into the indoor arena. The men down there made sure all the gates were shut tight and wanted me to back the trailer right up to the aisle to run the mare in. But once I saw how quietly Holly was following Rhoda the game plan changed. The trailer door was opened and I asked Rhoda to just lead her in while I followed. Holly thought about stopping but just for a second then quietly stepped up into the trailer and followed Rhoda to the front. The reaction of the audience was actually funny. Everybody was sure this was going to be an almost impossible fight. Right about now Rhoda is the talk of the town, she is considered even better than the original horse whisperer. By the time we arrived home and Rhoda unloaded her Holly trusted her enough to be wormed with Quest, and stand quietly for pictures. Below is a picture of the worst of her wounds:
The camera wasn't taken too close, we just didn't want to stress her out. She was put in paddock #2, given hay and shown the automatic waterer. The lead rope was left on as she is still very wary of people but she has let us catch her, handle her, walk away and catch her again.

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